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PA Software develops products that accelerate sports performance.  Their patent-pending "Pitch Analyzer PRO R1" product gives aspiring amateur pitchers MLB-like analysis tools for a fraction of the cost.  Please visit them at today!
Q&A with PA Software LLC
What is Pitch Analyzer PRO R1?
It is an pc-based application that analyzes video clips of baseball/softball pitches, calculating pitch trajectory to determine balls and strikes.  It also reports velocity per pitch and allows for video replay, which allows users to review the pitcher's mechanics during delivery.
Who is it for?
Pitch Analyzer PRO R1 is ideal for any aspiring amateur pitcher.  Whether the pitcher is playing in a rec league, competitive league, or in high school, Pitch Analyzer allows the tracking of development progress over time.  Pitchingsessions are saved and can be retrieved, helping the pitcher better understand his/her performance.
Consequently, Pitch Analyzer PRO R1 is also ideal for coaches of amateur teams.  A coach can use Pitch Analyzer to track the performance of every pitcher on his/her team.  The product can effectively serve as a pitch charter during team practices.  It also allows the coaches to objectively evaluate the pitchers on their staffs, and to see the impact of mechanics changes (good or bad) on pitching performance.
What is required in order to use Pitch Analyzer PRO R1?
The detailed requirements are on the PA Software website (, but basically all that is needed is a Windows PC/laptop and a video recorder capable of recording at least 60 frames per second in high definition resolution.  So far, the more recent Go Pro action cameras have been tested and verified by PA Software.  In addition, the iPhone 6/6+ models have also been tested and verified.  More camera and smartphone models will be tested and posted as verified on the PA software website in the upcoming months.
How much does Pitch Analyzer PRO R1 costs?
The retail price for Pitch Analyzer PRO R1 is $99.99.  This price point is lower than that of most decent radar guns (which only provide velocity), and it's lower than other pitching-centric software applications currently available.  It is PA Software's goal to provide MLB-like pitching metrics at a price that makes the product attractive/affordable for amateur teams and organziations.