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The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation serving the youth of our community since 1951.

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Practice Fields
Lottery / Reservation Procedures for Practice Fields


One of the benefits of being a 3&2 league member is that it provides access to a number of practice fields around the area. These fields come in a variety of sizes and conditions and are spread across the 3&2 service area.


3&2 works continuously with school districts, individual schools, municipalities, churches and privately owned fields to improve the quantity and condition of practice fields in the area.


If you have access to your own field outside of the pool of fields 3&2 has access to, that will help with everyone getting a chance to have a practice field time slot.


With field time being limited, teams should consider the following where possible to make the most of practice opportunities:

  • Practicing at non-traditional times – Practices on weeknights are in highest demand. Consider utilizing a field during the day on a weekday.
  • Practicing in non-traditional areas – Even when a quality field is not available, players can receive great instruction and quality repetitions without a field. Practicing in parking lots or grassy areas are two places that are not regulated outside the landowner’s permission. Playing catch, pitching practice, catcher’s drills, soft-toss or hitting off a batting tee into a net does not require a field.
  • Sharing a field with another team – If you plan well, two teams can get their work done on a single field. Split infield and outfield time. 

How to obtain a Practice Field through 3&2

Following are the processes and details on how to obtain a practice field from 3&2 or through your local municipality.


From the 3&2 League

The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County is pleased to provide league teams with practice fields for the Spring/Summer season through the City of Overland Park, City of Lenexa and Shawnee Mission School District.  3&2 utilizes a lottery system for field distribution based on when a has nine (9) registered and paid players. The lottery starts December 1 and runs through the first Monday in February at which time teams can come back for a second time slot.


To be included in the lottery, league teams must:

  • Complete and submit the “Practice Field Intent Form” along with the $10 non-refundable, application fee.
  • Once the application is submitted, we will verify the criteria has been met to enter the lottery.
  • You must have 9 player’s league registration paid for to enter the lottery.
  • Access to the on-line practice field reservation will be granted based on your position in the lottery.
  • Teams can only select fields that are appropriate for the grade level of your team.
  • Practices can begin the week of spring break and will conclude the first week of July.

Here is your step by step guide to creating an account in the program called BOOKAFIELD, viewing what is available, making your selection and paying for it all on this new site.


  1. After you complete the Practice Field Intent Form and based on your position in the field lottery system, you’ll receive a message from Bookafield that will give you access to the on-line practice field rental system.

NOTE - During testing, this email landed in our spam folder. Please approve the following address to your system: 

  1. You will be limited to viewing and selecting fields that correspond to your team’s grade level. Please also select a field in the
  2. calendar, you’ll be able to move to the next screen of dates by clicking the left or right pointing area in which you live.
  3. Before you can rent the field, you have to purchase at least one credit. The value of one credit is $10. Depending on the field, your practice fields for the season will range in cost from 3-16 credits. You’ll need to purchase the following number of credits to rent a series of 16 weekly (March 16-July 3) practice field slots at these locations:
    1. Shawnee Mission School District fields – 6 credits
    2. City of Overland Park fields – 4 credits
    3. City of Lenexa fields – 16 credits
    4. 3&2 fields (available only between spring break and the start of the season) – 3 credits per time slot.
  4. To purchase a credit, do so under the “My Account” tab, then select “Credits”. On that page, select “Buy More Credits”.
  5. To view and select a practice fields slot, click on the “Calendar” tab and then “Create/Edit”.
  6. From the drop down menu in the middle of the Create/Edit Reservations page, select the fields location of your choice.
  7. On the “Credit/Edit Reservations” page, click on the calendar icon next to the dropdown box that shows fields available to your team. Also click on the bulleted list icon next to that to show the calendar legend.
  8. There may be a note below the calendars that reads “This time grid is not yet available. It is available 3/16/2020-7/5/2020. If this note is shown, click on the 3/16/2020 date. To view the entire date range of available fields, click on March 16 and then fields that are available for your team will appear. Use the arrows in the upper or lower right corners to navigate dates.  
  9. To select a field and time, click in that box. You are selecting a weekly practice slot. To do so, use the begin date and time of your first practice which starts the week of 3/16/2020. The end date should be set for the same date with the time being 1.5 hours later than the beginning time.
  10. To make this a weekly, recurring practice, select “Weekly” from the repeat drop down list. Leave the “every” drop down list at “1” weeks.
  11. Set the date in the “until” box to July 3.
  12. The number of credits required and the full price of this weekly practice time will be shown under your name above.
  13. Click the green, “Create” button.
  14. A screen will appear that shows the dates of the practice field slots you have purchased.


For more information about practice fields, click here


For teams that are from the following areas, practices fields are available directly through that entity. 


Prairie Village

DeSoto School District

Johnson County Parks and Recreation District


Please contact Deron Toomay at 913-888-8055 ext 300 for more informaton or assistance. Email